“Lily was first given her Pickpocket Forager’s set of foraging pouches about five years ago. She adores these and has them every morning when we have a coffee. I put two small treats into each one and then nest them inside each other. She enjoys snuffling through them and pulling them out to access the smaller pockets. Dogs get so little time for foraging it can really help to improve their mood!

After five years and many washes, the pouches are now worn out - so they last a really long time if you supervise your dog. I have just ordered another set for Lily’s 12th birthday as they are completely suitable for older dogs and they do not make their mouths sore unlike some harder products. PickPocket Foragers are simple to use, last well and can really make your dog’s day. I am happy to recommend them to our Raising Pawfection members for their pups. They are made to order in the U.K. so it helps our local economy and small business. They last well, so better for the environment too. Just wash them regularly and they are good to go!

Denise Nuttal | clinical animal behaviourist

“Hi Kate, The PickPockets arrived this morning – I’m blown away. As soon as I got them out of the packaging Willow was really excited to smell them and really interested in them – I guess they might smell of your dogs. We did a bit of showing her how to use them and then gave her her evening meal from them tonight. She didn’t need much teaching – as you can see from the attached photos and videos. She absolutely loved it, and it took her 20 minutes to finish her food instead of 1… They’re also really nicely made and a great thing to have. The floor forager is EXACTLY what I wanted for her and the pouches will come in handy when I need to give her something to keep her occupied. Many, many thanks, Maggie”

Maggie Bernie | pet owner, Woking, UK

"It’s marvellous! Sophie, my Golden Retriever, loves it! PickPocket is one of the best things she has tried - and the cats like it too!"

Sherri Steel | pet owner, Yorkshire, UK

"My 9 month old border collie Thessie loves her PickPocket! It keeps her occupied and mentally stimulates her,and will help improve her nose work skills in preparation for competition. As a behaviourist I strongly recommend this product to all dog owners.

David Svennelid | canine behaviorist at Swedish Dog Academy

"The young puppies in my class LOVED exploring the PickPocket with their nose – one even had some of their evening meal in it. In my grooming salon, the Pickpocket made puppy Angel’s first visit really enjoyable as she was happily emptying the pockets whilst I was combing her."

Karen Backhouse | APDT trainer & groomer

"Dixie, my German Shepherd, has never been a fan of being groomed. I hid her dinner in her new PickPocket and she was happy to stand and be groomed. I love a product that makes life easy for me and my dogs! Great idea!"

Claire Williams | chief executive, National Animal Welfare Trust