Success stories


Blindness doesn't hold Scout back!

Scout was rescued as a puppy after being found wandering the streets of County Durham. He carries the double-merle gene, which is an unhealthy combination causing serious hereditary problems. Scout is blind in one eye and has limited vision in his other - but his disability has never stopped him living life to the full! Scout has won many accolades including his Bronze Good Citizens Award and he is a Pets As Therapy (PAT) dog. Scout’s ‘mum’, vet nurse Tracey, explains how foraging helps Scout:

 “Scout’s eye problems mean he cannot chew for long periods of time as pressure builds up in his ‘good’ eye. This is why I really appreciate the benefits of foraging enrichment for him with PickPocket Foragers. They are completely safe for him, and I love hearing him happily snuffling!”.

Tracey Ison, RVN |dog owner & vet nurse



PickPockets help Sophie's recovery

Golden retriever Sophie unfortunately sustained cruciate ligament injuries, which take many months to heal. As Sophie was on restricted exercise and confined to a puppy pen, her owner Sherri gave Sophie a PickPocket Crate Forager for mental stimulation and to assist with rehab. Initially Sophie foraged lying down but progressed to standing up with the Crate Forager tied to the pen at nose height. This introduced safe gentle weight-bearing exercise for a few minutes. Happily Sophie is now fully recovered – but still loves her daily PickPocket-ing!

 “Sophie’s PickPocket was a real life-saver! She desperately needed something to occupy her without placing strain on her knees and the PickPocket Crate Forager was ideal. The forager really helped with her rehab – and the cats liked it too!”

Sherri Steel |Dog owner



Happy Harry!

Cute cockerpoo Harry needed distracting from some unwanted behaviour. Canine behaviourist Lucy Aalders of Leaps & Hounds explains: “I recommended a PickPocket to Harry’s owner and Harry immediately loved it! Of the many interactive toys we tried, the PickPocket Forager was the most successful in diverting Harry’s attention away from barking, chasing, jumping and licking. Foraging also motivated him to eat more.” 

“Lovely Lucy recommended your PickPocket Foragers and we’re delighted. We hit a milestone recently when the doorbell rang and instead of constantly barking and running madly around, Harry only barked once and continued with his PickPocket. I was amazed (and a very proud dog-mum!). Thank you.”

Lauren Aston | Owner