What are PickPocket Foragers?

PickPocket Foragers are fully washable fleece feeders in which dogs hunt for treats inside pockets. They are simple to use, easy to launder and bring all the benefits of foraging into your dog’s home.

What are the benefits of PickPocket Foragers

  • Ideal for dogs on restricted exercise or with reduced mobility
  • Provide gentle weight-bearing exercise
  • Excellent for crate training
  • Calming for anxious dogs
  • Offer distraction from unwanted behaviour
  • Enriching for dogs with sensory impairment such as deafness or blindness
  • Gentle stimulation for golden oldies
  • Perfect for teaching nose work
  • Occupy dogs while grooming & nail clipping
  • Stimulate appetite of poor eaters
  • Slow eating time and prevent gulping of food

Why is foraging important?

Olfaction is a dog’s strongest sense and dogs ‘see’ the world through their nose. To them scent is purposeful and meaningful, it evokes strong emotions and relays information vital for survival as well as influencing mood and wellbeing. Quite simply, dogs have evolved to use their nose first and foremost and PickPocket Foragers harness the dog’s powerful sense of smell into a satisfying and rewarding game of search.

Which dogs are PickPocket Foragers suitable for?

PickPocket Foragers are suitable for most dogs regardless of size, breed and age. Building foraging activities into any dog’s daily routine improves health and wellbeing.

As our dogs age, their eyesight and hearing deteriorate and this may be combined with some loss of cognitive dysfunction. This means our ‘golden oldies’ come to rely on their sense of smell more and PickPocket Foragers are the perfect enrichment gift to encourage gentle foraging and offer mind-body stimulation supporting cognitive decline. PickPocket Foragers are fabulous for dogs recovering from surgery too, providing gentle weight-bearing exercise and mental stimulation for those dogs going crate-crazy with boredom.

Can my dog be along with a PickPocket Forager?

No dog should be left alone with a PickPocket Forager as ingesting any fabric could lead to serious medical issues. If you have any concerns or suspect your dog has swallowed some fabric, please consult your veterinary surgeon immediately.

Will my dog chew the PickPocket Forager?

Most dogs find foraging so immensely rewarding that this instinct usually overrides their desire to chew the fabric but always supervise your dog. Following the instructions on the product packaging will help minimise the likelihood of chewing.