Snuffle Ball
Snuffle Ball
Snuffle Ball

Snuffle Ball

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Snuffle Balls are pieces of soft fleece tied into a ball in which treats are hidden in the folds. It takes a lot of snuffling to find them! We do not skimp on fabric either in our Snuffle Balls and squeeze as many layers in as we can.

Most flat-nosed breeds can comfortable manage a snuffle ball. 


Small snuffle ball: approximately 50cm in circumference. Suitable for toy dogs, JRTs and very small spaniels. 

Large snuffle ball: approximately 65cm circumstance. Suitable for Springers and above.

Colours will vary. 

Disclaimer: Snuffle Balls are not an original PickPocket Foragers idea. We borrowed the idea from the video below and would like to give them credit.