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PickPocket Foragers

PickPocket bean bag foragers BEAN BAGS ONLY set of 6 MADE TO ORDER

PickPocket bean bag foragers BEAN BAGS ONLY set of 6 MADE TO ORDER

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Each bean bag contains buckwheat husks, which are organic, non-toxic and naturally hypoallergenic, and the husks are safely enclosed in an inner bag within a fleece cover. The bean bags can be placed inside pouches or inside the pockets of the caterpillar or floor forager to create a more challenging foraging environment. PLEASE teach your dog how to forage inside these products before adding an additional layer of complexity with the bean bags. Teach the skills first and then add the complexity to create a safe, enriching and stimulating puzzle-solving experience. Frustration is not enriching!


Warning! Some owners are concerned that their dog will chew the fleece, however most dogs find foraging so immensely rewarding that this instinct usually overrides their desire to bite the fabric. Please ALWAYS supervise your dog and follow the instructions for use on the packaging to minimise risk. No dog should be left alone with any of the PickPocket Forager range as ingesting fabric could lead to serious medical issues. If you have any concerns or suspect your dog has swallowed some fabric, please consult your veterinary surgeon immediately.

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