Floor foragers

PickPocket floor foragers lie flat on the floor and have pockets around each side, facing inwards, in which treats are hidden. They come in two sizes to suit your size/breed of dog and with deep 8cm pockets or shallow 4cm pockets

Which size forager should I choose?

Shallow pockets are suitable for the following dogs:

  • dogs with flat faces
  • senior dogs
  • dogs who are easily frustrated and need immediate success
  • dogs with poor appetites who need quick success
  • dogs recovering from illness

Deep pockets are suitable for the following dogs:

  • young dogs
  • highly active dogs
  • dogs who enjoy puzzle solving
  • dogs with long noses that are happy to stick their snouts in the pockets

The deep pockets are suitable for owners who wish to make the foraging game more complex by adding things to the pockets, such as toilet rolls filled with scrunched up paper and treats.

Small floor forager 

This size is suitable for toy breeds, small terriers and small spaniels such as cocker spaniels or English springer spaniels.

  • each pocket is 15cm wide by 4cm or 8cm deep
  • approximately size 90cm square

Large floor forager 

This size suits brachycephalic (flat faced) breeds, medium sized Spaniels and larger Labradors Retrievers/Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds.

  • each pocket is 20 cm wide by 4cm or 8cm deep
  • approximately 106 cm square