Who are PickPocketssuitable for?

The PickPocket is suitable for most dogs and puppies for mental stimulation and emotional well-being. It is especially therapeutic for dogs onrestricted exercise, for senior dogs or those with sensory impairment, and foraging can help to calm anxious dogs.

What are PickPockets useful for?
  • Husbandry – occupy your dog while you groom, trim nails and inspect ears etc
  • Distraction – encourage foraging to interrupt unwanted behaviour such as barking
  • Crate training – hang in your dog’s crate for foraging fun
Can my dog be alone with a PickPocket? 

It is not recommended you leave your dog or puppy alone with a PickPocket. All dogs should be supervised and some very determined dogs may destroy or ingest fabric if left unsupervised. Please seek veterinary advice if you have any concerns.

How do I introduce a PickPocket? 

To prevent your dog shaking, tearing or chewing the fleece fabric, he needs to learn the rules of the game are foraging. Just as we would get frustrated and possibly try the wrong way if we were given a puzzle with no instructions, it’s the same for your dog. You need to ‘explain’ to him that he must use his nose – not his teeth – to find his treats by following the simple steps below:

  1. Lift the pocket(s) to form a dome and using a treat just in front of your dog’s nose, lure him towards the pocket and place the treat inside. Let him find and eat it.
  2. Repeat 1. until he is confidently searching the pockets using his nose.
  3. Add a “find the treats” cue when your dog has understood the concept of foraging in the pockets.

By associating foraging with your dog’s first interaction with his PickPocket forager, you encourage nose work games.