About PickPockets

What are PickPockets?  

PickPocket Fabric Food Foragers are fully washable fleece feeders designed to satisfy your dog’s natural instinct to search for food. PickPockets utilize your dog’s primary sense of smell by providing a mentally stimulating, rich scenting puzzle game.

PickPockets are recommended by canine behaviourists, vets and other professionals.

PickPocket family
  • crate hanging forager (ties to a crate)
  • floor forager (placed flat on the ground)
  • foraging pouches (set of three pouches placed inside each other)
PickPockets for 'special' needs

As our dogs age, their eyesight and hearing deteriorate and this may be combined with some loss of cognitive dysfunction. This means our ‘golden oldies’ come to rely on their sense of smell more and PickPockets are the perfect enrichment gift to encourage gentle foraging. PickPockets are fabulous for dogs recovering from surgery too, providing gentle weight-bearing exercise and mental stimulation for those dogs going crate-crazy with boredom.

Golden Oldie Shunka who is 16.5 years is loving
her PickPocket floor forager!