fabric food foragers for your best friend


about PickPockets

dogs love to forage for food!

We eat from a plate, however our dogs love to search for their food using their powerful sense of smell. PickPockets were designed by a pet owner and canine behaviourist with this in mind, and combine exciting foraging with a fabric feeder.  PickPockets can be hung from a crate with ties, or simply be placed on the floor as a foraging mat.

  • ideal for dogs on restricted exercise
  • excellent for crate training
  • calming for anxious dogs
  • great distraction from unwanted behaviour
  • fabulous for puppy development
  • stimulating for dogs with sensory impairment
  • perfect mental stimulation for golden oldies
  • useful for extending reward times
  • recommended by canine professionals
  • fully washable and can be tumble dried


Golden Oldie Shunka who is 16.5 years is loving her floor forager!

As our dogs age, we may see visual and auditory impairment and possibly cognitive dysfunction, and they may come to rely on their sense of smell more. PickPockets are the perfect enrichment gift to encourage gentle foraging.